512-555 boulevard René Lévesque Est, Ville-Marie (Centre-Ville et Vieux-Montréal), Montreal



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Overview of the unit

$652.67 Monthly Fees
2 Bedrooms
1026 Square Footage
Not Published


Condo Listing

Location and Features

  • Close to Berri UQAM metro
  • 5th floor with a huge private terrace of 514 sq. ft overlooking Montreal's largest mural paying tribute to the artist Françoise Sullivan
  • Beautiful 2-bedroom unit
  • Large living room with windows on 3 sides
  • Landscaped garden
  • Elevator
  • Air conditioning
  • Unobstructed view


  • 3 lockers in the basement (joint) right next to the heated indoor parking
  • Secure building
  • Common terrace and rooftop pool
  • Cinema room
  • Gym


  • 4 high-end appliances (+ dryer vent)
  • Double wall bed in the bedroom (installed Nov. 2022)
  • Custom solar blinds in the living room and blackout blinds in the bedroom
  • Wooden planters on the terrace

Lots of storage space.

Walk score: 99

Transit Score: 91

Bike score: 97

Perplexity: The condo offers a blend of modern living and convenience, with its strategic location near Berri UQAM metro ensuring easy access to transportation. The highlight of the unit is undoubtedly its expansive private terrace, providing a breathtaking view of Montreal's largest mural, a tribute to the renowned artist Françoise Sullivan. Inside, the 2-bedroom unit boasts a spacious living room illuminated by natural light from windows on three sides. Additional features include a landscaped garden, elevator access, air conditioning, and ample storage space.

For added convenience, the condo comes with three lockers in the basement, adjacent to the heated indoor parking, ensuring secure storage options. Residents can enjoy various amenities such as a common terrace, rooftop pool, cinema room, and gym, enhancing the overall living experience.

The condo is furnished with high-end appliances and thoughtful additions like a double wall bed in the bedroom for versatility. Custom solar blinds in the living room and blackout blinds in the bedroom offer both comfort and privacy. Wooden planters adorn the terrace, adding a touch of nature to the urban setting.

With a walk score of 99, transit score of 91, and bike score of 97, the condo offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience, making it an ideal choice for modern urban living.

AI Prediction Summary

Ratios : $614/ Feet
Walk Score: 99
Satellite: Yes
Description: 50

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-11 %


May 2023




-16 %


April 2023




0 %


March 2023

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