416-360 Rue Atateken, H2L0H4, Montreal



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35 Days

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$$429 Monthly Monthly Fees
2 Bedrooms
858 Square Footage
Not Published


*LEASE-TO-BUY PROGRAM* LE SOLANO- PRESTIGE CONDOS. The Solano phase 8 is the latest phase of the project, offering you a design of quality and elegance that will make you dream. Abundant fenestration ensures exceptional natural sunlight in our condominiums, as well as breathtaking views of the Old Port and sunsets. Take advantage of exceptional facilities such as a sauna, indoor counter-current pool, 2-storey gym and urban chalet. Its terrace, outdoor pool and Jacuzzi offer breathtaking panoramic views. Come and discover Le Solano in charming Old Montreal. GST/QST must be added to the asking price (49277986)

AI Prediction Summary

Ratios : $791/ Feet
Walk Score: 4
Satellite: Yes
Description: 50

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