810-300 Rue Ann, H3C2K2, Montreal

RE/MAX ACTION - Westmount


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38 Days

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Overview of the unit

$$417 Monthly Monthly Fees
1 Bedrooms
599.55 Square Footage
Not Published


This condo is absolutely stunning! It has been meticulously maintained since its construction and has been the pride of only two conscientious owners. Located on the 8th and final floor of the 9th phase of the Lowney project, it offers a south-facing view featuring the famous illuminated Farine Five Roses sign. The living space is cleverly arranged, even incorporating a small office area. The kitchen boasts quartz countertops, cabinets in excellent condition with elegant black handles. The bedroom is spacious and welcoming, with an adjoining walk-in closet leading to the bathroom. Bike parking and storage included! (42937582)

AI Prediction Summary

Ratios : $707/ Feet
Walk Score: 98
Satellite: Yes
Description: 50

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